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11, Akbulak-2 Microdistrict

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The Kindergarten was opened on 1st of December 2004. Its design capacity is 8 groups, 170 children included in 4 groups with the Kazakh language of instruction and 4 groups with the Russian language of instruction.

During the current school year 183 pupils study here. Every year on the average 45 children finish the Kindergarten. Enrollment in the Kindergarten is done subject to availability of free places in accordance with the “Regulation for Enrollment in the Kindergarten”.

The Kindergarten is located in a 2-storeyed building with the total area of 2,700 sq. meters where there are 8 group rooms with the area of 132 to 150 sq. meters, a music and sports hall, art studio, Kazakh and English classrooms, psychologist and speech therapist rooms, swimming pool with two basins, and a medical facility. The campus area is 1.15 hectares. The Kindergarten opening hours are Monday – Friday from 09.00 a.m. till 06.00 p.m.